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Material required to craft Advanced Tools and Equipment on the Incomplete Crafting Table.


Within the enigmatic landscapes of Horas in Mini World, one of the most coveted treasures awaits the intrepid explorer: Tungsten. This extraordinary resource is a symbol of power and craftsmanship, known for its incredible value and exceptional utility.

Tungsten Ore deposits are a remarkable sight, easily recognizable by their distinct appearance. These ores masquerade as Horas rocks adorned with striking black crystals, which emit a captivating purple aura. This unique visual signature sets them apart from the surrounding terrain, guiding determined adventurers to their hidden riches. Extracting these ores requires advanced mining tools, specifically a Titanium Pickaxe or better. Armed with these mining tools, players can venture deep underground or explore the surface of Horas to uncover this precious resource. However, to unlock the full potential of Tungsten, the mined ores must undergo a vital transformation. In any smelting table, fuel should be added along with the collected Tungsten Ores, resulting in the creation of Tungsten ingots. These ingots are a testament to the resource's inherent value, appearing as shiny black jewels, with their surfaces reflecting the surrounding world.

Now that the player has Tungsten, a world of crafting possibilities unfolds. When paired with the equally coveted Purple Fluorite, another rare Horas ore often found on the floating islands of Horas, players gain access to an array of top-tier tools and weapons, each boasting unique abilities and superior performance. Examples of these formidable creations include Chainsaws, Tungsten Drills, Tungsten Shovels, Tungsten Rakes, Energy Swords, Tungsten Cloaks, the Tungsten armor set, and Tungsten Blocks.


Tungsten can be obtained by mining and smelting Tungsten Ores. Tungsten Ores can be found on Horas, commonly in the surface or underground.

Tungsten can also be obtain while mining Rock with Professor Stephen with the drop chance of 3.2% in every 6% of Rock

Tungsten can be found in almost every structures chest except from all village including desert, snow and beach

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