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Tungsten Block

A dark glowing block crafted from lots of Tungsten


Block ID 408
Blast resistance 200
Hardness 60
Burning speed 0
Odds of burning 0
Collision type Solid
Tools required for collection Titanium Pickaxe or better
Drops Itself ( Tungsten Block)
Stackable Yes (64)
Light intensity 0
Sliding acceleration 1
Can be broken by projectiles No


Tungsten Blocks are blocks made out of Tungsten ingots. They can be used as a decorative block, or to compress lots of Tungsten into a single block for better storage. One Tungsten Block can be picked up by defeating the Ancient Black Dragon and opening the pot found in its nest. Tungsten Blocks can be placed in a specific location while on an Horas Altar structure to summon the Ancient Colossus, along with an Amber Block, an Horas Copper Block and a Purple Fluorite Block (read more in Horas).


Tungsten (10)

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