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First Time Enchanting

This tutorial is the part 5 for newbies that don't know about the game and want to try its “Survival” game mode. You will learn how to enchant your tools and equipment after reading this article.

Hello and welcome back to the Newbie Tutorial series! In the previous chapter, we upgraded our tools to become more efficient than before. But can we go further? Yes!
In this tutorial, we'll learn how to enchant our equipment to make it more powerful and add unique abilities to it. Let's check it out!

Getting the resources

Enchanting is very powerful in this game, but it can cost a lot of time and supplies. So for now, let's start simple, and as we go further, we can improve our enchantments and guarantee better ones.

Mine for runes

When you went mining, have you seen those blue, red, or yellow rocks like in the previous tutorial's picture?

The blue ore seems to actually be a defense rune ore…
Well, they actually are rune ores! They are essential, as without them we cannot enchant at all. These are the rune ores you may have found but didn't know about:

Mining these ores can drop a Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced version of the respective rune, which influences how strong the enchantments will be. But it doesn't end just there, as Rune Monsters are able to spawn if you break these rune ores! They spawn in groups of three and don't spawn every single time you break a rune ore, but still be careful. They're weak in health but strong in combat against players with little defense. You might wanna get a bunch of every rune since enchantments are mostly random.

Tip: Rune Monsters drop a Universal Activation Stone when defeated. This rune can enchant any enchantable item, regardless of category!

Get a Rune Table

After getting enough runes, we will now need the Rune Table. It will allow us to place the runes to enchant our equipment, and it's crafted like this:

You might know how to get Mithril already, but Creation Crystals? What are those?

Info time: Creation Crystal

Creation Crystals are an item dropped by Void Apostles. They are used to craft Rune Tables and to activate Incomplete Crafting Tables. Void Apostles are those nocturnal monsters with black hoods and a large blue eye.

Now you know!

After getting the required materials, just craft it on a crafting table and place it on the ground.

Let's enchant!

Tapping on the Rune Table will show you its interface. Here, you can see your enchantable items, any runes you have, the item's enchantments, and slots for a primary and secondary material. If you don't wanna overcomplicate the enchanting process too much, just put a compatible rune and click “Activate”. The piece of equipment you activated will now have a random enchantment along with a random value (level, power, etc.) After you activated all rune slots of an item, you can reroll any enchantments you don't like and maybe will get a better one.

Secondary materials

You can mix in a secondary material along with a rune to guarantee specific enchantments which are exclusive to that secondary material. You should have multiple of these secondary materials, as they have a chance to fail and will instead give a random enchantment as if there was no secondary material in the first place!
This is the list of all the secondary materials you can place on a Rune Table, along with what enchantments they can give:

You may not know some of these materials or enchantments, and that's fine! You can check their wiki pages for more information.

Final words: We recommend that you also check out the complete Enchantments page, it includes a lot more information about enchanting. This Newbie Tutorial is just a simpler explanation of it.

Feeling much more confident, right? Let's start your adventure now!

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