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Enchantments are a gameplay feature in Mini World, that allow players to enhance their tools and make them more efficient. Each enchantment is unique, is only available to compatible tools, weapons or equipment, and can have percentages or levels. To enchant something, the player needs a Rune Table Rune Table and runes. A secondary material can also be used - secondary materials can be used to guarantee specific enchantments instead of completely random ones, and may be even required to get some enchantments.


On a Rune Table Rune Table, the player has a list of all of the tools, equipment and weapons they currently have on their backpack. Clicking one shows the item, the active enchantments, the enchantment slots, the player's available runes and slots for a main material and a secondary material. The available runes and secondary materials a player can use depend on the item to be enchanted. After a rune and a secondary material if one is selected are placed, the player can click Activate to roll a random enchantment with random stats. Once all of the enchantment slots are full, the player can choose to reroll an enchantment they don't like. Enchanted items appear with a slightly darker background on your backpack. Copper tools, Stone tools and Wooden Weapons can't be enchanted in the Rune Table Rune Table.

Main materials

The main material is the required material that needs to be used to enchant an item. The main materials which can be used to enchant depends on the item the player is about to enchant.

This is a list of the main materials a player can use:

Image Name of material Compatible items
Beginner/Medium/Advanced Attack Rune Weapons (like swords or bows)
Beginner/Medium/Advanced Defense Rune Armor
Beginner/Medium/Advanced Efficiency Rune Tools (like axes or shovels)
Universal Activation Stone Everything

Secondary materials

The secondary material is a material used to guarantee a specific enchantment or a set of enchantments. A secondary material can only be used in items in which the enchantments can be placed on. Secondary materials have a chance to not work; they will be replaced with a random enchantment instead as if the secondary material was never there.

This is a list of all secondary materials, which enchantments they give and compatible items:

Enchantment slots

Enchantment slots are the maximum amount of enchantments that can be placed on an item. The amount of enchantment slots is different with each tier or tool, this is a list of them:

Item/Type of items Enchantment slots
Devilfish Harpoon 1
Mithril Bow 1
Mithril tools/weapons 1
Dragon Bone Bow 3 (if obtained without enchantments)
Shark Bow 3
Titanium tools/weapons 3
Horas Copper Drill 5
Tungsten tools/weapons 5

List of enchantments

This is a list of all enchantments obtainable in the Rune Table or through secondary materials.

Enchantment Compatible items Needs secondary material
Animal Hunter +XX Weapons and tools No
Arrow Damage +XX% Bows Rainforest Core Shard
Blast Resistance +XX Armor Shard of Bulli
Bleed Level X Weapons Bat Fang
Burning Level X Weapons and tools Kindling
Burning Resistance +XX Armor Lava Crab Shell
Chaos Resistance +XX Armor Sardonyx
Collection Speed +XX% Tools No
Counterstrike +XX Armor No
Durability +XX% All No
Falling Speed -XX% Greaves Red Feather
Human Hunter +XX Weapons and tools No
Knockback Resistance +XX Armor No
Knockback +XX Weapons and tools Gravity Crystal
Knockup +XX Weapons and tools Gravity Crystal
Lightning Whip Lvl X Weapons Lightning Core
Lucky Digging Level X Tools Sparrow Feather
Lucky Hunting Level X Weapons No
Melee Attack +XX Weapons and tools No
Melee Resistance +XX Armor No
Monster Hunter +XX Weapons and tools No
Obtain Completely Tools Creation Crystal
Poison Resistance +XX Armor No
Ranged Resistance +XX Armor No
Spear Goblin +XX Weapons and tools Fluorescent Crystal
Unlimited Shot Bows Creation Crystal
Wall Climbing Speed -XX% Boots Dodo Claw
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