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Sacred Fruit

The gene of the Fruit contains a key to the seal of volcano. To break the seal, you must collect the other two pieces.


The Sacred Fruit is a fruit only obtainable from Sacred Trees. This special fruit is necessary to activate the first Pedestal to summon the Void Phantom. It can also be eaten, with very high attributes (see Attributes below).


  • Food: Sacred Fruit
    • Health: 100
    • Stamina: 100
    • Shield: 100
    • Energy: 100


Defeating the Quetzalcoatl will give the player a Sacred Seed, which can then be planted into a Pit for it to eventually grow into a Sacred Tree. This tree will have a sealed Sacred Fruit very high up, and the seal can only be broken with a Mithril Axe or a better axe.

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