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Devilfall Mask

The residual power of the Icefall Trolls is stirring within the mask…

Equipping it can lower the surrounding temperature, causing liquid blocks nearby to rapidly freeze, and it might even make it snow around!


The Devilfall Mask is a mask obtained when defeating an Icefall Troll, a boss found in snow mountains. When equipped, the mask will freeze liquids in a circular radius around the player, allowing them to walk over them. It can be useful to walk over lava in Flamas. This ability does not work on poison liquids. The mask will also start to create fluffy snow layers to a maximum of 10 blocks from the player. Devilfall Masks have 300 durability, and every three seconds, one durability is consumed. Since the mask counts as armor, its durability can also be consumed when the wearer is attacked. Players can either use one piece of Sardonyx on a crafting table to restore 60 of its durability, or use 2 Stars to repair it to its full durability.

Armor attributes

  • Physical defense: +5
  • Ranged defense: +5
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