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Star Exp

Star Bot


The Star Bot is your faithful companion in MiniWorld, tasked with maintaining your inventory, character, and providing valuable information during your survival journey. This unique companion assists you by organizing and optimizing your inventory, ensuring you can easily access items when needed. It also serves as a knowledgeable guide, offering helpful tips and guidance to navigate the game mechanics, quests, and objectives. Additionally, the Star Bot takes care of your character, ensuring you are equipped with the necessary gear and assisting with customization. With its invaluable support, the Star Bot ensures a smooth and enjoyable gameplay experience, allowing you to focus on your adventures in the game.


Star Exp Survival Mode


Star Exp is a special currency in MiniWorld that is managed by your companion, the Star Bot. This currency has multiple uses, such as trading with NPCs and reviving your character if you're critically injured or die. Once you acquire Star Exp, it becomes a part of your character's inventory and cannot be dropped or traded to other players. However, the Star Bot will use your Star Exp to revive you in case of emergencies.

The Star Bot takes care of your Star Exp and ensures its safety. While you can't give or trade Star Exp to other players, it plays a crucial role in your survival. It acts as a valuable resource that can help you continue your adventures even after challenging situations. By managing your Star Exp wisely and relying on the Star Bot's assistance, you can navigate the world of MiniWorld with confidence, knowing that you have a backup plan when things get tough.


  • Exchange Minicoins with Star Exp

  • Use Bonus Item From Login Daily Stored in Warehouse

  • Collect Drop Star From Mining Block,Monster,Firework

  • Completing Task Provided by Star Bot


  • Use One Star to Revive Yourself and Continue The Journey

  • Obtain and Use for Trading with NPC Merchant

  • Set Up a Spawn Point
  • Teleport Starlink Machine

Other Star

Green Star


Green Star Exp is a key indicator that determines the game mode in MiniWorld. It signifies that you are playing in a mode that features developed maps created by players. This game mode offers a unique experience where players can explore and interact with the imaginative creations of other players within the MiniWorld community.

The presence of Green Star Exp indicates that you are immersed in a world crafted by the creativity and ingenuity of fellow players. It's a testament to the collaborative and dynamic nature of MiniWorld, where players can share their unique maps and game modes for others to enjoy.

Whether you're embarking on exciting quests, solving challenging puzzles, engaging in thrilling combat, or participating in social activities, the Green Star Exp game mode opens up a world of possibilities. It provides endless opportunities for discovery, adventure, and connection with the MiniWorld community.

So, keep an eye out for the Green Star Exp and dive into the captivating worlds created by talented players. Unleash your imagination, unleash your creativity, and immerse yourself in the vibrant and ever-evolving universe of MiniWorld.

Red Star


Red Star Exp is a crucial indicator that signifies you are playing in Hardcore Mode in MiniWorld. This mode adds an extra level of challenge and intensity to your gameplay experience. In Hardcore Mode, the stakes are higher as death becomes permanent and your game ends if your character dies.

The presence of Red Star Exp serves as a reminder that there are no second chances in Hardcore Mode. Unlike other modes where you may be able to use Star Exp to revive yourself or continue playing after death, in Hardcore Mode, the consequences of failure are final.

Survival becomes even more thrilling as every decision and action must be carefully considered to ensure your character's survival. The risks are greater, but so are the rewards. Hardcore Mode tests your skills, perseverance, and strategic thinking, making each moment in the game more meaningful and impactful.

So, embrace the challenge and tread carefully in Hardcore Mode. Use your knowledge, wit, and resourcefulness to overcome the obstacles and threats that come your way. Remember, in this mode, every decision matters, and the fate of your character hangs in the balance.

Are you up for the ultimate test of survival in MiniWorld's Hardcore Mode?

Purple Star


Purple Star Exp indicates that the survival map you are playing in MiniWorld is not an original map and has additional plugins installed. This adds a unique twist to the gameplay experience, introducing new features, mechanics, or modifications to enhance your adventure.

With Purple Star Exp, you can expect to encounter customized gameplay elements, additional challenges, or unique opportunities that set this survival map apart from the standard ones. The presence of plugins adds an extra layer of complexity and excitement to your survival journey, making each playthrough a fresh and engaging experience.

These plugins can introduce new gameplay mechanics, introduce new creatures or items, modify existing features, or even offer special rewards or quests. They are designed to provide a unique and customized gameplay experience that sets the survival map apart from others.

Embrace the Purple Star Exp as a sign that you're in for a distinctive and potentially thrilling adventure. Explore the map, uncover its secrets, and adapt to the new gameplay elements introduced by the installed plugins. Get ready to experience survival in a whole new way as you navigate through the challenges and surprises that await you.

Are you ready to embark on a one-of-a-kind survival journey in MiniWorld's customized map with Purple Star Exp?

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