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Spring Festival Merchant

Spring Festival Merchant


The Spring Festival Merchant is a manually spawnable Miras NPC that is related to the Spring Festival events. These events would give Fortune Eggs for spawning them and could be extracted anytime. They could sell various event-related items, tools, blocks, cloaks, or food, for which their price was measured in Stars, and would despawn after roughly 2-3 in-game days. If the player didn't like what the merchant was offering, they could refresh the list to bring a new set of offers. The cost of a refresh depended on the amount of items bought from the current offer list, ranging from 1-5 Stars. Currently, no Fortune Eggs (used to spawn Spring Festival Merchants) are being given in any events. If the player still has a Fortune Egg from older events, they can still extract them onto a map and trade with them. They can also be spawned with Triggers.


This is a list of the trades a Spring Festival Merchant can make, including selling offers.

Items (selling offers)

This list may not be complete; there may be missing items, wrong quantities, prices, or purchasable times. These will be fixed once more is known about the Spring Festival Merchant's trades.

The Spring Festival Merchant can sell these items:

Goods Quantity Price (in Stars) Purchasable times (Up to…)
Couplet Signboard 1 1 10
Festival Dumpling 1 1 10
Fortune 1 1 10
Green Firework 1 1 10
Purple Firework 1 1 10
Red Firework 1 1 10
Red Fortune Bag 3-5 1 10
Rice Cake 1 1 10
Spring Festival Cloak 1 1 10
Spring Festival Lantern 1 1 10
Spring Festival Papercut 1 1 10

Stars (buying offers)

Required items Item quantity Number of stars received Sellable times (Up to…)
This merchant doesn't buy items from the player.
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