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In Mini World, a mystical and formidable creature known as the Nian emerges exclusively during the festive celebrations of Chinese New Year events, drawing inspiration from the legendary beast of Chinese mythology that shares its name. This enigmatic creature brings a unique blend of peril and opportunity to the players who dare to encounter it during these special occasions.

The Nian is a creature of immediate aggression, its ire directed towards any player who ventures too close. With astonishing speed and a knack for leaping to close the gap, the Nian presents a palpable threat. A single strike from this fearsome creature carries a transformative consequence, turning players into the humble Dodo. This transformation robs players of their self-defense abilities, leaving them defenseless until the effect wears off, making the Nian a danger that cannot be ignored. Ignoring the Nian's presence is not an option, as it possesses the potential to disrupt adventures in the most dramatic fashion. However, amidst the danger, there exists a glimmer of hope. Upon defeating a Nian, it yields a coveted prize – the Fortune Ball. This mystical artifact holds the power to tame the Nian, provided the right circumstances are met.

Much like the tales of ancient Chinese legends, the Nian can be swayed through intimidation. Players who possess Spring Festival Fireworks, acquired through trading with a Spring Festival Merchant, can utilize these dazzling explosives as a means of confronting the Nian. When these vibrant fireworks are hurled towards the creature, a remarkable transformation unfolds. The once-aggressive Nian becomes overwhelmed with fear, embarking on a frantic and aimless retreat. This moment of vulnerability presents a unique opportunity. With a well-timed throw of a Fortune Ball, players can establish a bond with the once-terrifying Nian. Upon taming, the Nian undergoes a slight transformation, shrinking in stature and becoming the player's devoted guardian. This newfound alliance carries significant advantages. The tamed Nian remains ever vigilant, prepared to defend its owner against any creatures or monsters that dare threaten them. Through its unique power, it can turn adversaries into Chickens, mirroring the initial transformation experienced by players.

Further, a Nian Beast Egg can be crafted using 1 Fortune Ball and 1 of any Spring Festival Firework. However, the player should be careful of where to spawn it and should place it somewhere safe and controlled for when things could go terribly wrong.


  • Creature Type: Monster
  • HP: 250
  • Attack Type: Remote
  • View Field: 16 Blocks
  • Movement Speed: ???
  • Drop Star EXP: 0
  • Drops: Fortune Ball


  • The Nian is the only creature whose spawner is manually craftable.
  • The Nian is the second creature that has an event-exclusive distribution, the other one being the Little Devil.
  • It is the only hostile creature with the ability to change the player's model, by turning them into a Dodo, which won't let the player attack until the transforming period expires. The second creature who can change the player's model is the Children's Day Merchant who isn't hostile.
  • Lion Dancer Dragonet's skin is a reference to the Nian, since the Chinese lion dance is performed in a lion costume to bring good luck and fortune, and is also related to the Nian. In Lion Dancer Dragonet's intro, a Nian is also seen there.
  • In the Ocean Update and following versions, the Nian used to transform players into Dodos instead of Chickens. This change has been reverted since version 1.5.14.
    • Since 1.7.3, the Nian transforms players into Dodos again.
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