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Badges, or medals1), are a feature in Mini World: CREATA that can be found in a player's profile page and be unlocked or upgraded by completing a specific task.


Badges are able to be unlocked by completing a specific task, for example, unlocking one permanent skin or watering the player or a friend's plant 30 times. After a badge's task has been completed, the player will need to manually claim it by accessing the “More medals” menu. Recently unlocked badges start at level one and are able to be upgraded up to four more times2). Furthermore, the badge's unlocking or last upgrading date is displayed. The tasks for upgrading a badge get progressively harder, although their procedure is the same.

When the player has just claimed a badge, they have one chance to share it in a status for others to see, or to simply close the menu and continue with the gameplay.

Badge frames

After a badge is upgraded, the look of its frame will change depending on its level:

Badge frame Level
3 (1 for Map Master)
4 (2 for Map Master)
5 (3 for Map Master)


The player also gets badge score points when unlocking or upgrading a badge, which will unlock rewards such as Mini Beans, DIY Skins, or avatar frames after reaching a score milestone. These rewards need to be claimed by accessing the “Get Bonus” button while viewing their complete list of badges.

Reward Score required
100 Mini Beans 300
Junior Master 500
Videogame Legend Face (Permanent) 1000
200 Mini Beans 2000
Medium Master 3000
Videogame Glasses (Permanent) 4000
300 Mini Beans 5000
Advanced Master 6000
Videogame Footprint (Permanent) 8000
Videogame Backpack (Permanent) 10000

Wearing a badge

Clicking or tapping the “Wear” button in an unlocked badge's menu will display it alongside the player's name in multiplayer rooms. Worn badges can be taken off at any time.

List of badges


Some parts of Mini World's UI refer to badges as medals.
Except the Map Master badge, which can be only upgraded up to two more times.
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