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Multiplayer is a game feature that allows a player to meet other players in a map.

Multiplayer rooms

The player can join other players' multiplayer rooms or host one themself. Each multiplayer room can have at most 6 players (except when playing in the PC version, the limit is increased to 40 players). Players who are in the developer program can choose to have their maps hosted in Mini Cloud rooms.

Room settings pre-creation

When creating a multiplayer room, the player can change the following settings:

  • Number of people: Can be set anywhere from 1 to 6, or from 10 to 40 when playing in the PC version.
  • Room password (optional setting): Can be up to 4 characters long. Other players joining a password-protected room are prompted to enter the password set by the host.
  • Default player permissions: Can be set to either Free or Visitor.
    • Free mode has all the permissions given to all players except those that are disabled by the map creator.
    • Visitor mode has destructive permissions denied to all players.
  • Online backup: This setting controls whether an online backup of the map should be created.

Room settings post-creation

As a host of a multiplayer room, the player can change the following settings:

  • Disable dangerous items: Dangerous items will be disabled if this setting is enabled.
  • Forbid items: The host can forbid items by pressing the “Forbid” button on the corresponding items' tooltips. Forbidden items cannot be used by anyone except the host.
  • Voice chat: Enables the voice chat feature to all players in the multiplayer room. Once enabled, it cannot be disabled.
  • Disable text chat to all players: When enabled, everyone is blocked from sending messages, including the host.
  • Spam prevention: When enabled, anyone sending 5 messages in the last minute are blocked from sending messages to prevent spam. The host can choose to have the block last for 5 minutes or indefinitely.

Other information

Players in a multiplayer room are marked with green dots on their current positions in the minimap. They can communicate with each other by sending messages and/or using the voice chat feature if it is enabled.

The host can remove other players from their multiplayer room by kicking or blacklisting them. However, hosts of Mini Cloud rooms don't have the permissions to remove players from multiplayer rooms.


From version 1.40, teams can be created from the Party Zone. Each team can be anywhere from 2 to 6 players, and can be publicized for other people to join without having to be invited by the team leader. Members of a team can communicate with each other via the team's text chat and voice chat.

The team leader can choose a map to play which will be shown in the top-right corner. When the game starts, all ready players are added to the team leader's multiplayer room.

Pressing the flag button in the Party Zone brings up a list of publicized teams that the player can join.


  • Teams are named after the team leader, and cannot be changed from the default value of [Player name]'s team.
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