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Revenue Tutorial

(20-minutes reading)

In order to respect the labor achievements of developers, Mini World provides developers with complete commercialization channels. Therefore, as long as the commercialization of maps is used reasonably, developers can earn a certain income while enjoying the creation.

After reading the full text, you will learn the following points:
1. The revenue types of Mini World
2. The way of commercialization of Mini World
—Developer rights and application channels
—Sell items through the developer store
—Set up product sales and advertising modes through triggers
—Setting and selling miniature in resource center
3. Revenue Settlement Rules
4. Instructions for binding payment collection information and cash withdrawal

Revenue Types

There are four types of income in Mini World, advertising revenue, contribution points, mini beans, and mini points. Among them, advertisements, contribution points and mini points can be converted into US dollars, which can be applied for withdrawal to your own trading account.

Commercial route

So, what are the ways to get the above benefits? Let's take a look!

Developer role

If you want to commercialize the map, the first condition is to become a developer. The rights and interests of developers include not only commercialization functions, but also what is shown in the figure below.

In addition, as the developer's level becomes higher, the benefits of rights and interests will also increase. The following is a comparison table of developer rights and interests at different levels:

Of course, with the improvement of the functions of Mini World, these rights and interests may be changed. Players can check it in [Developer Center → Account Benefits].

How to become a developer
Currently, Mini World has opened two channels for players to become developers:
1. By meeting certain conditions, the system will automatically invite you to become a developer

 Existing players need to meet the following two conditions at the same time
 *Popularity > 500
 *The number of maps released in the last 60 days is greater than 1

After meeting the conditions, you will receive an invitation email, click on the email to become a developer.

2. Register as a developer through the official website of the Star Up Program

If players who do not meet the requirements want to become developers, they can log in to the game account on the Starup Program official website (, click “I want to sign up”, and fill in the registration information.

After the application is approved, you will receive the “Star Up Program” email, and then you can go to the Creator Center ( for identity authentication.

Developer Store

Store Set Up
After becoming a developer, you can use the developer store to quickly set up products.
Currency Type: You can choose mini coins, mini beans, mini points, mini coins + mini points.
Label:There are many types of tags. Choosing the right label can attract players' attention and stimulate consumption.

Category:Classify the products so that players can quickly find the corresponding types of products.
Sales price:Usually it is more reasonable to set it at 1-5 mini coins. (The maximum price that can be set will be affected by the developer level)
Advertising mode:After turning it on, players can obtain this item by watching advertisements. (Only mobile players can watch ads)

The specific steps are shown in the gif below:

The Methods to open stores for players After the store is set up, make sure that the player can open the store to make purchases when needed. Currently, there are several ways to open the store.
1. Through the store icon in the upper right corner.
Usually this method is the most covert and the least interactive. We do not recommend having only this entrance on the map to open the store.

2. Open the store or just pop up a specific item with a trigger.
For example, we first create an area with tool F3, then create a new trigger in the trigger interface, and add an event: any player enters area 1; action: make the player who triggers the event open the developer store.

It can also use a prompt to purchase a specific item.

The final effect is as follows:

If the product has an advertisement mode, players can also obtain the product by watching advertisements.

3. Pop up the store through NPC dialogue.
Open the plugin → add a creature → select a model as the creature's appearance → select the “interaction” property → turn on “Open Develop Store”

After the setting, you can place the creature on the map. After switching the game mode, right click on the creature to pop up the store interface.

Ads Trigger

On the mobile side, players are usually more willing to get corresponding item rewards by watching advertisements. Therefore, it is often the most effective to set up advertisements to obtain income. Below, we use a simple example to understand how to make:

1. First, set a prompt to let the player click on the square below.

2. Set up a new trigger and name it: Click on block.

The action of playing ads is found in the developer options:

3. Create another trigger to distribute the prize:

4. Assign the trigger “issue rewards” to the action of the trigger “click block”: and execute.

Resource Center

Developers can sell their own plug-in packages and miniature models in the resource center. However, players need to upload resources to the cloud before they can successfully list products.

Open [Resource Center → Main Library] and select the resource to upload.

Then put the goods on [Resource Center → Mine]

Revenue withdrawal

Revenue Settlement Rules

Mini World has a set of conversion algorithms for advertising display, mini-coin revenue, and mini-point revenue. The specific viewing steps are as follows: 1. Log in the developer center:
2. Find the Settlement Center → Detailed Description to view the specific rules.

Due to the complex conversion rules, in most cases, players only need to pay attention to the income data to adjust the map in time.

Transaction Info Binding and Withdrawal Instructions

If you already have a profit in your account, congratulations, you can bind the information of the receiving account and prepare to withdraw cash.

Transaction Info Binding
The specific steps are as follows:
1. Improve the payment information (enter the developer center, click on the left tab [Payment Details], click [Get Verification Code] and enter the email verification code bound to the account.

2. After filling in the address information, click Next. Please note: Please do not fill in the local languages in the red box, and all names must be in English. If you are not sure about the English name of the account, please call the bank to check.

- If the address is incorrect, a pop-up window will appear. At this time, click [Confirm and Continue] to jump to the next step.

- Payment methods vary from country to country. Please choose by yourself;
Suggested payment method: choose paypal, higher timeliness of payment and the success rate of payment.
Payment currency: It is recommended to choose USD, higher timeliness of payment and the success rate of payment.

Please note: please fill in your real first name and last name when registering with paypal

Fill in and check [Agree to Privacy Policy], click [Next], a page prompt will pop up, and the payment information binding is completed.

Withdrawal instructions
Please be sure to understand the withdrawal instructions clearly before withdrawing to avoid mistakenly thinking that it is caused by a bug.
Special Note: Every income needs to wait for 2 months before withdrawing cash. For example, I checked in the “Revenue Statistics” that I have $0.24 in advertising revenue today. Then you can withdraw $0.24 in 2 months.

The withdrawal time has a fixed period, usually between the 25th and 30th of each month. If you do not withdraw within this time, the system will prompt an error.

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