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First Time Mining

This tutorial is the part 3 for newbies that don't know about the game and want to try its “Survival” game mode. You can learn about what to do after gathering your food and learn about mining in game by reading this article.

Mini World has tons of useful resources underground which can allow you to craft many other different materials or tools! But when you go mining, you will find a lot of resources but not enough basic supplies, such as wood or food. Let's start by learning how to prepare for your underground expedition:

First step: Prepare a set of timber, twigs, stones, and other materials for crafting

Limit it in only one type of twig to save more space in your backpack, and grab other materials useful for crafting. These materials will be useful when a tool breaks and you need to quickly craft it back.

Second step: Use your Crafting Table to make an optimal mining set

Optimal setup: A set of Twigs, Timber, three Stone Pickaxes, one Stone Shovel and a Crafting Table (doesn't matter if Complete or not).

From there, proceed to pick wherever you want and start mining! It is very easy to find a cave like in the picture below.

We suggest to mine near your spawn point or your base so you don't have issues with returning to your base after a long time of mining.

Feel much more confident right? Let's start your adventure now and mine!

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