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Tutorial Day 1

This tutorial is for newbies that don't know about the game and want to try its “Survival” game mode. You can learn about what to do in-game by reading this article.

Mini World has different types of biomes like deserts, icy spikes, snowfields, mountains, wild forests, and even more! When you start a new world, you spawn in a random set of coordinates and automatically get the basic tools to start with. Let's start by learning what is around us, and then learning how to use our items:

First impressions

After completing the game's Survival tutorial with Lamy-027, you will appear along with a small wooden house, with some Stone, Cotton, lanterns, and a Bonfire. This is a useful starting place for your initial days, but you can make a home yourself after the early-game period. Meanwhile, you can cover the areas that are exposed to the outside, and add proper entrances.

First step: Grab stones and wood

We will need these basic materials to progress in the early-game period. Let's go get some!

Grab some stones

Look for tiny stones lying on the ground, and break them with your bare hands. To break a block (or in this case, stones), tap and hold the block you are facing or hold your left-click on computers or laptops. The Stone will drop on the ground, floating and rotating. Collect them by getting close to the floating items, so they can be transferred to your backpack for later use.

Grab Timber and Twigs

Use your Stone Axe in your inventory to chop wood (most importantly tree branches or twigs). The wood-chopping process is the same as breaking stones, just hold the block or the left-click button. After pieces of wood are broken, Timber or Twigs will drop depending on what you destroyed. The twigs will be useful for further crafting and item creations, along with Stones, like Stone Shovels.

FAQ: Where do my items go after collecting 8+ different items?

The items will instead store in your backpack if you have more than 8 different items in your item bar. On computers, press B to open the backpack. On mobile devices, tablets or Android emulators, press the Lamy-027 button to open it. The “B” key shortcut for computers can be changed in the game settings.

Second step: Craft an Incomplete Crafting Table and a Stone Pickaxe

Use the timber and stones you collected to make an Incomplete Crafting Table, it's essential to craft more items that aren't capable of being crafted by hand. After that, interact with the table by tapping or right-clicking it and craft a Stone Pickaxe. This is a core tool to collect Rocks and other materials, which will be useful to progress later on.

Third step: Use a Bonfire and Torches for light

Before night arrives, make sure to have light around so that monsters don't spawn close to you. To have a source of light, you can collect Wood, Stone, A Handful of Weeds and Branches to make light sources. The most basic are:

  • Bonfire - Can be activated with a Burning Torch on your hand, and fueled by putting wooden-related items into it. It can be a permanent light source if the campfire is properly covered and the rain doesn't turn it off. You may see a Bonfire at the starting house on your Survival world.
  • Burning Torch - They are made with Plant Fibre and Twigs. These torches can only burn for a while and the fire will die out after a few minutes, but can temporarily burn again after tapping on an Extinct Torch while holding a burning one.

Fourth step: Make a Sleeping Bag

Your first Survival day in Mini World will be challenging, with almost no resources, food, or defense. Because of this, your #1 priority should now be getting a Simple Sleeping Bag to avoid the night, which is the time that monsters will wake up and attack players.

This is the crafting recipe:

We don't think you currently have these materials yet, so let's get them!

How to get Cotton

Look for pieces of wild Cotton in the ground and collect them using a Stone Axe.

How to get A Handful of Weeds

Look for Grass around the world's terrain and break them with your hands, which may drop Plant Fibre. It doesn't always drop it though, so you may need to break multiple of them.

After getting the necessary materials, use the Incomplete Crafting Table you crafted before to craft a Simple Sleeping Bag.

You're not done yet; after crafting the bed, hold it in your hand and tap on the ground to place it. Finally, to sleep, tap on the bed while it's nighttime. The time to go to bed is from 18:00 to 6:00. If you still have time left after making the sleeping bag, go get more materials and prepare for the next day!

(Note: If you are on a multiplayer room, every player in the room has to be sleeping to skip the night.)

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