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Rocket Backpack

Unlock: Collect shards from Spring Festival Event

Equip it on the back. Press [Jump] to fly. Disappears when Durability decreases to 0.
Don't imitate any behaviors in game.


The Rocket Backpack is an Equip item invented by Professor Stephen as a way for players to fly in Survival mode. Before crafting and using the backpack, it must be unlocked first. Currently, the only way to get it is by using Mini Beans, as there are no actual Spring Festival events. After unlocking and crafting the Rocket Backpack, pressing the Jump button in mobile devices or the Space key in a keyboard will make the player fly and will stop once the button or key is lifted. The backpack will break after its durability reaches 0 and cannot be repaired.


(This item must be unlocked before crafting)
Mithril (2)
Lava Crucible (2)
Celesthium Ore (10)
Bazooka Bullet (2)

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