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Mithril Pan

Mithril Pan
Place it above the Bonfire to cook delicious food. Don't forget to add fuel to the Bonfire.


The page you're currently viewing contains information about an item or block that has been superseded. It has not necessarily been removed or outright replaced, but is now uncraftable and unobtainable. This page is still viewable for archival purposes. The new version of this item is the Mithril Pan.

A Mithril Pan is a pan used for cooking more complex foods. For them to work, they must be placed above a Bonfire that has been lighted up. After that, you can cook food in it.


The following recipe is only available for versions below 1.7.x, as this item has been made unobtainable and uncraftable. It is still mentioned in some items' descriptions.
Use these items on a Crafting Table or an Incomplete Crafting Table:
Mithril (6)

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