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Fiery Staff

Staff imbued with the power of the flame. Can be used to fire burning orbs.


The Fiery Staff is an Equip item used as a ranged weapon, and shoots fiery orbs. It deals between 18 damage at minimum charge (20 if headshot) to 35 damage at maximum charge (45 if headshot), and applies a burning effect to the damaged opponent, which will deal 5 damage to them every second for 4 seconds. If an animal that can drop meat dies while being burnt, it will drop their cooked meat plus some Over-toasting Meat, but not if it dies from the initial orb attack. If the fiery orb touches a block, it'll place fire on top of it, which may also burn its surroundings if they are burnable. Each shot only consumes the staff's durability and has a cooldown of 8 seconds before shooting another orb. It can be obtained by adding a Fiery Crystal Core to a Wooden Staff on an Incomplete Crafting Table or a Crafting Table.


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