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Star Music


Introducing the captivating “Star Music” mount! Immerse yourself in a symphony of adventure as you ride upon this majestic creature. With its enchanting powers, a simple long press of the jump button will unleash a mesmerizing melody, stunning nearby monsters and granting you the upper hand in battle. Let the harmonious notes and celestial vibes of the “Star Music” mount guide you on an extraordinary journey through the realms, as you become the maestro of your own destiny.


  • Health: 200
  • Speed: 800
  • Jump Power: 80


  • The Festival Book is one of the mounts obtainable through the Mount Drawer. After buying Event Tickets, there's a chance that you'll be able to obtain enough Festival Book shards to unlock it, along with other miscellaneous rewards.


Music: Double-tapping the jump button accelerates and restores HP for period of time

Moon Voice: Surrounding by throbbing purple-gold notes with starmoon

Star Music: Long press the jump button to stun nearby monsters

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