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Red Chisk

In-game Description

Redchisk Chicks can be raised in the Garden ranch, and when they grow up, Flying Feathers and Dodo Meat can be obtained. Redchisk is a rare species of chicken, and it can glide in the air for a period of time.


Usually Redchisks walk around and may fly in some occasions. They are passive and can be tamed with Horas spore seeds. Upon their death they'll drop red feathers (rare), as well as chicken feet and chicken beak, which are only for collection for now.

In Version 1.0, Redchisks can be found in sky island terrain and can be tamed by peach. Redchisks can be bred. When defeated, it has a chance to drop a random Rune.


  • It's the only mount (obtained naturally) that can do multiple jumps.
  • After falling from a tall place, they will not receive damage.
  • It is not yet known how to heal them.
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