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The adorable Penguin is a harmless creature that can be found naturally spawning in the Ice Biome. With its cute appearance and distinctive waddling walk, the Penguin is sure to capture the hearts of players. These delightful creatures have a fondness for snowy landscapes and fishes, making them a charming addition to the wintry environment. Penguins are known for their endearing habit of singing, adding a touch of joy to their presence. While they may walk slowly, their lovable nature and harmless demeanor make them a delightful sight to encounter during your adventures in MiniWorld.


  • Creature Type : Animals
  • HP : 50
  • Attack Type : Non-Attack
  • View Field : 16 Blocks
  • Movement Speed : 230 (Normal)
  • Drop Star Exp : 1
  • Drop : 2 Fresh Light Blue Gugufish


  • Food : Red Wood Fruit , Meat Feed
  • Place : Nest

Special Behavior

  • Attracted to Red Wood Fruit
  • Loves to Sing
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