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Horas Boss

Ancient Giant

[Video] How to invoke the ancient Colossus

Ancient Colossus & Ancient Giant

Stage 1 - Ancient Colossus

Stage 2 - Ancient Giant


How to Summon

Step 1

Prepare four types of blocks to summon the Ancient Giant. They are: Tungsten Block, Amber Block, Horas Copper Block, and Purple Fluorite Block.

Step 2

In addition, players should also prepare their enchanted ranged weapons (have multiple backups),Tungsten armor set, high-level mining tools, Hook Shot, and an oxygen backpack (to prevent suffocation; if an oxygen backpack is unavailable, a cloak can be used with oxygen fruit to replenish oxygen). Additionally, various healing potions should be carried to increase survivability while fighting the Ancient Giant.

Step 3

Once everything is prepared, players can board the spaceship and travel to Horas. At the location surrounding the Ancient Giant Totem, place four different types of blocks in the front, back, left, and right positions. The Tungsten Block should be placed on the front of the totem, the Purple Fluorite Block on the back, and the Amber Block and Horas Copper Block on the respective sides.

Step 4

After placing the blocks in their designated positions, the entire ground transforms into a scorched earth appearance, and the Ancient Giant Totem emits a bright light. After a few seconds, the Ancient Giant will be summoned by the player.

How to Kill Ancient Colossus & Ancient Giant

Stage 1

Ancient Colossus

When the Ancient Colossus is initially summoned, it appears in its first form. Apart from the Ancient Colossus itself, which is covered by an invincible shield, there are also three types of small creatures floating around it in red, blue, and white colors.

To deal with this first phase of the Ancient Colossus, players can easily defeat it by observing the color around the Ancient Colossus's waist and attacking the corresponding color of small creatures. Gradually wearing down the Ancient Giant's health will allow them to overcome the first stage.

Stage 2

Ancient Giant

However, once the Ancient Colossus transforms into its second Stage- Ancient Giant, it becomes much more challenging for players to handle. The second stage has high attack power and can also knock players back, potentially taking control of the situation if they are not careful. Players can only overcome this stage by observing the color on the giant's head (still limited to red, white, and blue), then using the Hook Shot to fly to the corresponding colored pillars on all four sides and break the colored stones emanating from them. This will cause the Ancient Giant to enter a state of daze, providing players with an opportunity to unleash their full damage output during this time window.

Stage 3

Once the Ancient Giant's health drops below half, it enters a state of complete frenzy. Not only does its attack power significantly increase, but its attack range also becomes extremely wide, making it difficult for players to evade. During this phase, players can only continuously maneuver and circle around the boss, waiting for it to charge up and unleash its ultimate attack. At that moment, players need to observe the color on the giant's head and use the same method as before to shatter the corresponding colored stones. This is the only way to inflict damage on the Ancient Giant during this phase.

This process can indeed be quite lengthy, and you need to be mentally prepared for a prolonged battle. Additionally, you should constantly monitor your oxygen levels and ensure you replenish it when necessary. Running low on oxygen can jeopardize your progress, so it's crucial to stay vigilant and maintain a steady supply. Failing to do so could undo all your previous efforts.

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