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Sawtooth Horas Rock Wall


Wrapped with Fern Spiked Stem, the defense ability of Horas Rock Wall is greatly increased. It now can not only block monsters, but also bounce off monsters it touches. Tip: Not recommended for raising animals.


Unlike other walls, Sawtooth Horas Rock Wall are high performance, dealing 6 damage to mobs that hit them and pushing them back. However, if you hit from above or below, you will not take damage or be blown away.


Obtained by Craft.



  • ID: 291
  • Type: Blocks
  • Blast resistance: 500
  • Hardness: 15
  • Sliding accel: 1
  • Burning Speed: 0
  • Odds of burning: 0
  • Light intensity: 0
  • Collision: Solid
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