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Flamas Ultra Stone

Flamas Ultra Stone


Located in the deepest region of Flamas. Super hard, it cannot be shaken.


This block is scattered in Miras and flamas at a depth of 5 and below. The block is completely indestructible, even by explosives. The block was originally just known as “Ultra Stone”, which makes more sense since is spawns in all dimensions, and flamas in specific is the only dimension with a mass, naturally spawning block that functions the exact same as ultra stone, the being the orange block found in the dragon's arena, so this name change is strange. Creatures can not be spawned on this block.


Only obtainable in creation mode.


  • ID: 1
  • Type: Blocks
  • Blast resistance: -1
  • Hardness: -1
  • Sliding accel: 1
  • Burning Speed: 0
  • Odds of burning: 0
  • Light intensity: 0
  • Collision: Solid

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