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Character Skills

Character skills are special abilities of in-game characters which can be activated and upgraded.

How they work

Character skills need to be activated with character shards. Once activated, they can be used in maps with “Use skills” permission enabled. They can also be upgraded for twice the cost of activation.

List of skills

Character Skill name Skill effect Activation cost
Level 1 Level 2
Chief Robustness Attack damage +5 Attack damage +10 Primitive Wrister ×150
Kaka Stubbornness Reduces long-range damage by 20% Reduces long-range damage by 40% Bone Necklace ×200
Nini Hardworking Increases block breaking speed by 50% Increases block breaking speed by 100% Feather Hairwear ×200
Chief's Wife Hunting Master Creatures have a 25% chance to drop 2× when killed Creatures have a 25% chance to drop 2× and a 15% chance to drop 3× when killed Bone Hairpin ×400
Bearly Bomb Genius Reduces blast damage by 20% Reduces blast damage by 40% Bear Bomb ×300


  • Character skills are sometimes referred to as “talents”.
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