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Game settings

The settings screen can be accessed through clicking the gear icon in the main menu or in a map, then clicking Settings.

Each tab in the Settings menu has a Default button which resets its settings to the defaults.

List of settings


Name Description Possible values Default Notes
UID Shows the player's UID.
Name Shows the player's name. The player can change their player name by clicking the pencil button next to it.
Music Changes whether the game plays music. On/Off On
Sound Changes whether the game plays sound. On/Off On
Volume Controls how loud the sounds will play. Slider (0%-100%) 75%
View Sets the camera's position relative to the player. First Person, Back View, Third Person, Free View First Person
Health Bar Changes whether to show health bars above creatures and players. On/Off Off
Show Damage Changes whether to show the exact amount of health gained/lost when a creature or player gains/loses health. On/Off Off
Brightness Changes the brightness of the screen. Slider (0%-100%) 0% Does not work on PC.


Name Description Possible values Default Notes
Sensitivity Changes how fast the cursor moves. Higher values make the cursor move faster. Slider (0%-100%) 50%
Invert Y-Axis Enabling this setting makes the cursor move down whether the player slides up and vice versa. On/Off Off Does not work on PC.
Auto Jump Enabling this setting makes the player automatically jump when near a single block to land on that block. On/Off On
Camera Shake When the player moves, if this setting is enabled, the camera will shake. On/Off On
Lock N Direction Controls whether the player's pointer or the map rotates when the player turns. On/Off Off
Crosshair Shows the crosshair. On/Off Off This setting is always enabled on the PC version.
Control scheme Classic mode, Joystick Mode Joystick Mode Not available on the PC version.


Name Description Possible values Default
Screen Settings Changes the graphics quality of the game.

Low: Best Performance. Good for devices with low RAM
Medium: Balanced. Good for most devices
High: Good draw distance. Good for most devices
Custom: Manually adjust screen settings
Low, Medium, High, Custom Medium
Tree (Square) Changes the appearance of the leaves on trees. Requires the player to reenter the map which they were on for the changes to take effect.

Tree (Square): Shows leaves as if they are full blocks.
Tree (Oval): Shows leaves as if they are plants.
Tree (Square), Tree (Oval) Tree (Oval)
Square shape Changes the shape of the blocks. Added in version 1.2.0. Rounded angle, Right corner Rounded angle
FPS Limit When enabled, limit the FPS of the game to 30. On/Off On (mobile version)
Off (PC version)
Terrain Shows the terrain code of the current map the player is playing on. It can be copied by using the Copy button.

Screen Settings sub-settings

Name Description Possible values Default values
Low Medium High
Vision Changes the draw distance. Near, Medium, Far, Farther, Farthest Near Medium Far
Auto-Set Automatically sets the draw distance for best performance. On/Off None
Real-time Shade Shadows of objects will appear on surfaces. On/Off Off Off On
Reflection Makes water reflective. On/Off Off Off On
Caustic Adds lighting efects when the player is underwater. On/Off Off Off On
Fog Effect Shows fog around the player. On/Off Off On On
Dynamic Sky Adds moving effects to the skybox. On/Off Off On On
Dynamic Plant Adds slight movements to plants. On/Off Off Off On
Godray Adds sunbeams. On/Off Off Off On


Name Description Default value
Invitation Pop-ups Whether to display a window to join multiplayer rooms. On
Follow Permit On
Map Stability Shows the current map stability on the top-left corner of the screen. Only appears when there are objects which have physical properties in the map. On
FPS Shows the current FPS on the top-left corner of the screen. On
Developer Tools Window When enabled, a button will appear when the player is in Dev Mode. Clicking on it displays the Developer Tools.
Team invitation pop-up Whether to display a window to join other players' teams.
Offline Mode Enables Offline Mode. The player needs to restart the game if they want to turn off Offline Mode.
Pop-up by friend
Upload automatically using a cellular network When enabled, maps can be uploaded with a cellular network connection. May incur extra charges. This setting does not work in the PC version.
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