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When players Play Adversitements on your map, you will get money. However, some developers don't know how to make trigger display advertisements. So now I'll tutorial you about it.

Step 1 - Create 2 blocks to display the advertisement

  • Trigger 1: The event of the ad - when it happens
  • Trigger 2: Determines whether the player has finished watching

Step 2 - Add the event for trigger 1. You can choose any triggers

Step 3 - Because this is a “Display Ad” trigger so we need to choose “Play AD” to action

Step 4 - Set a name for the advertisement

Step 5 - Run trigger 2 Step 6 - Determine whether the player has finished watching

  • If players have finished: Add items
  • If players haven't finished: None

Step 7 - Run action when the player has finished the advertisement

So this is the full triggers

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