Overview: Mini World: CREATA is a sandbox game that allows you to create your own worlds and games using different modes and tools. One of the modes that you can use is the Develop mode, which has two types: Ori.Dev Mode and Advanced Dev Mode. These two types have different features and functions that you can explore and utilize.

Ori.Dev Mode is the original develop mode that was available since the launch of the game. It is a simple and easy-to-use mode that lets you edit the terrain, add objects, and use plugins. You can access Ori.Dev Mode by clicking on Start Game → New World → Develop → Ori.Dev Mode.

Advanced Dev Mode is the new and improved develop mode that was introduced in the game version V.1.5.15. It is a more advanced and powerful mode that gives you more options and control over your world creation. You can access Advanced Dev Mode by clicking on Start Game → New World → Develop → Advanced Dev Mode.

Some of the features that Advanced Dev Mode has that Ori.Dev Mode does not are:

- Basic Settings: You can adjust the basic settings of your world, such as the name, description, icon, category, tags, and permissions. - Skybox: You can customize the sky appearance of your world, such as the color, texture, and brightness. - Image Upload: You can upload your own images from outside sources and use them in your world, such as for the skybox, the UI, or the objects. - Model Library: You can create and save your own models and use them in your world or share them with other players. - Engine Library: You can access and use various engines that are created by the official developers or other players. Engines are scripts that can add functions and effects to your world, such as gravity, weather, physics, and more.

If you have already created a world using Ori.Dev Mode and you want to switch to Advanced Dev Mode, you can do so by following these steps:

- Open your world in Ori.Dev Mode and save it. - Go back to the main menu and click on Start Game → My World → Develop → Advanced Dev Mode. - Select your world and click on Start. - Your world will be converted to Advanced Dev Mode and you can edit it as you wish.

However, please note that once you switch to Advanced Dev Mode, you cannot switch back to Ori.Dev Mode. Therefore, you should make a backup of your world before you convert it.


  • Step 1: Please backup your map (You should backup your map)

  • Step 2: Create a new backup file

  • Step 3: Choose “CONVERT TO DEVELOP MODE”

  • Step 4: Choose “CONVERT”

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