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Translate Function

After reading through the whole section of this guide, you can master the following points:

  • How to use translate function

1.What is the usage of translate function

After you use the translate function, a translation edit button will show up to all places that input text in the map. Click the button to translate the language input to any other language you wish online. When other people enter the map, they can choose to play under one of the languages the map builder set up.

2.How to use translate function

1.Click “Start” → “Mine”, choose the map that you want to use the translate function, click the “Translate” button.

2.Select the language that you want to translate. You may click the “Select All” button if you want to translate all languages. Then, click the “Confirm” button.

3.Now, you can start to translate. Choose the text that you want to translate, such as map title, the text in the floating window, name of the plugin item etc. However, note that the word in the UI library cannot be translated.

4.Then, click the translation edit button to start the translation.

5.Choose the language that you want to translate. You can choose to enter the text in the text box below, or translate by the computer by clicking the “Translate” button.

6.Moreover, you can choose to translate all support languages by clicking the “Translate All” button. All the languages will be translated by the computer.

7.After you complete the transaction, click the “Save” button.

8.Congratulations! You complete the transaction! After uploading the map, all the players can see the translation.

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