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Mini world API tutorial


Values Type

Type Description
number Represents numeric values, both integers and floating-point numbers.
string Represents sequences of characters, such as text or binary data.
boolean Represents Boolean values, which can be either true or false.
table Represents a collection of key-value pairs, making it a versatile data structure used for arrays, dictionaries, and other complex data representations.
function Represents executable code blocks, allowing you to create and call functions in Lua.
userdata Represents arbitrary C data in Lua. It is mainly used for binding C/C++ libraries to Lua.
thread Represents independent threads of execution in Lua, used for concurrent programming.
nil Represents the absence of a value. It is commonly used to indicate that a variable does not have a valid value.

Cases and Examples

ID Data Query


Script Page

Why use scripts

You have probably used triggers, and if you have experience using them you may have encountered a really common problem, let's explain it with a situation, imagine you made the best trigger in the world, Masterfully Crafted, Revolutionary, A TRUE Game-Changer, but you wanted to share this trigger, with a friend, another person, etc.

Now, let's think for a second. How would you share a trigger? Maybe typing how you made it? With Screenshots or pictures? All those ways of sharing the triggers work, But The ISSUE with that is that it is an INNEFICIENT and Time-Consuming task to manually redo triggers, even if we have a guide or image on how it looks or how to do it, also, there is room for error, now, let's take a look at another problem that is really common. Let's say that, the best trigger in the world that you made has an error, and you want to fix that as soon as possible, you could search all the triggers you made and check for any bugs or errors, this manual aproach not only demands an extensive time investment but also increases the likelihood or chance of overlooking subtle bugs.

Now, lets imagine for a moment. Imagine a more efficient solution: a comprehensive system that instantly shows the errors in your works, highlighting the exact parts that need attention. EASY to SHARE and READ.

Enough imagination, lets bring your ideal solution to life. there is a system where identifying errors in your games is as effortless as clicking a button. No more searching through all the triggers you made or spending hours searching for errors manually. And that system would be scripts, Scripts are, in essence, the brother of the triggers, Scripts can also be the building blocks of your game just like triggers, with varying levels of complexity, from simple greeting to complex epic combat systems. They also posses elegance and readability, providing an unparalleled experience for both creators and collaborators. So, why imagine when you can embrace the power of scripts and unlock a new tool that can help you create games.

Scripts use the LUA programming language to work, in game development, LUA this really efficient as lua has clean syntax and lightweight design not only facilitate rapid development but also contribute to the creation of error-free scripts. This reliability is crucial in ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience for players and offer smooth sailing to developers and creators.

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