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Map Title and Cover Design

(5-minutes reading)

Map Title Design Ideas

The title is often the most intuitive point for players to get the gameplay, themes and highlights of the map when players check the gallery. So if developers want to attract players and give players a good first impression, reasonable and attractive title content is essential.

Gameplay Display: The title can directly add the type of gameplay of the map, such as parkour, battle, puzzle, etc., like subway parkour, castle decryption, etc.

Theme Display: The title can add the theme content of the map to attract players who are interested in such themes, such as Pokémon, dinosaurs, etc.

Highlights display: If there are maps of the same type without innovations and highlights, you can also write them in the title, such as artifacts, tenfold drops, easter eggs, etc.

Version display: If the map is continuously updated, version numbers such as 1.0 and 2.0 can be added to show the completeness and richness of the content of the map to attract players.

Title content: The title should be as straightforward and easy to understand as possible, and less meaningless symbols should be added to improve the player's reading and comprehension speed.

Map cover design ideas

The design of the map cover is also a key point to attract players. If you want your map to stand out on the push page, you first need a cover that allows players to see the highlights and understand the theme of the map at a glance.

Cover Settings Type

Screenshot cover

After opening the Setting on the map, the player can click the camera icon to take a screenshot of the current player's perspective, and directly modify it as the cover of the map (The UI will be automatically hidden when players operate the screenshot.)

Custom cover

When the developer reaches level 2, the ability to upload custom covers is unlocked. You can choose to upload a custom cover on the upload page of the map.

Image requirements: minimum pixel 512*288, maximum pixel 2048*2048, size <5M

Because the pixel range of the size is large, it is recommended that you directly use the minimum pixel requirement of 512*288. Because the cover display in the game is very small most of the time, if the pixels are too large, the image may be distorted during the shrinking process.
And the cover image is included in the map file. If the cover image is too large, the map file will also be too large, resulting in slow loading of the cover or slow downloading of the map.

Cover design ideas

1、Map Theme

In addition to the content described by the title, a high-quality cover can more intuitively show the theme of the map and some gameplay, and help players understand the content of the map faster.

2、Map Scene

If the developer has made maps that focus on scenes, including but not limited to parkour, shooting battles, and decryption maps. Developers can also attract players by showing the general scene on the map or the core parts related to the gameplay.

3、Structure Content

When setting the cover, you can try to pay attention to the composition of the cover, so that the cover can show more elements and be more attractive.

4、Blocking Concern

When the cover is displayed on the recommendation page, other official label content will also be displayed on top of the cover, thereby blocking the cover. This also needs to be taken into account when designing the cover. Such as: the author's name and downloads directly below, the featured/recommended/genre labels in the upper left corner, and the genre logo in the upper right corner.

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