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1 Map Developer Guide

(gameplay mode & creative mode)
It is recommended that a single playable area should not exceed 70×70 in size, so that players can perceive the space boundaries and the scene can be presented relatively intact.
Try to reduce the number of map squares to reduce the loading pressure by adopting the following measures:

  • 1. for closed buildings, try to build hollow
  • 2. For miniature production, try to keep the miniature hollow inside
  • 3. Avoid building the back of the construction if the player is not going to be able to see it, in order to ensure that the player can not see the basis

2 Text and Font

1. Font Size
The text font size must be large enough to be read on a mobile phone. Avoid using fonts that are too small We recommend a font size greater than 20.

2. Aligning text correctly
Use this tool to align text on the X and Y axes. Avoid setting the text position manually by dragging and moving it by hand.

3 Player positioning

Try to set the player character to turn their face in the direction of the destination/target each time you change player position, warp the player, or the player enters the map.

1. Positioning when teleporting a player
Avoid having the player face the wall when teleporting players to a new location. This technique will avoid player to be disoriented after changing positions. Check these example videos:

  • Bad positioning

  • Good positioning

2. Positioning at respawn
For parkour maps with long straight lines, when player respawns, set the player to face the final destination direction. Otherwise, players may confuse the direction and they may go backwards to the previous level.

4 Screen Resolution

Please note that each player's cell phone or computer screen resolution is different.
Some players may have a wider screen size. We cannot guarantee that the UI positions we see on the test device will be the same for all players' phones and devices.

1 Recenter the elements
Please use this setting if the user interface needs to be in the center of the screen.
!!! Please note that this is the most common bug we find.!!!

2. Fit the screen
If the UI needs to cover the whole screen, make it big like this:

5 UI: User Interface

1. UI positioning overlapping
Beware of placing the custom UI in the area below the HP bar. The area below the HP bar is used to display status icons. If your map allows the player to have status icons, the UI may overlap with the status icons.

2. Image Quality
Avoid over-scaling images until they look blurry or pixelated.

3. UI interaction
Each player's custom user interface must not interfere with other player's user interface. For example, if player1 closes UI player2's UI must still be open.

4. Phone Camera Overlapping
Beware of the phone physical cameras on the left or right side of some devices.
Avoid using the leftmost and rightmost areas of the screen, or the camera will overlap your UI.

5. Multilanguage Text Adjustments
(If your game supports multiple languages). When you want to set the exact text position for any language, you have to test it by switching the game client language to that language.
Please understand that displaying each language has a different font. It also makes the text size different. Please see this picture. When you use the Chinese language setting, the top is Thai. When you use the Thai language setting, the bottom is the same text and the same setting (same font size 35 pounds). We can see a big difference in the width and height of the text. This causes a lot of problems when adjusting the position of the text in the UI box.

Anyway, please don't forget to change the language before testing the UI.

6 Leaderboards

If you want to implement a leaderboard for your map, please follow this guide.

1 Easy Leaderboard
We have a basic leaderboard script that is easy to use. If you are not familiar with leaderboards, you can use it. Check the details in this document.

2. Easy Leaderboard (Lua Version)
If you are using Lua scripts, you may want to review this document. It is about the solution for getting player names from leaderboards on cloud servers using the player ID as a key.

3. Leaderboard Order
Sort the leaderboards in the correct order. Check whether the leaderboard should be displayed in descending or ascending order.

4. Leaderboard Score
Each player's score should not interfere with the other players.
For example, when player1 scores, player2's score should not be increased.

5. Leaderboard Spacing
Design a wide text box, otherwise it is not enough for some players with long names.

7 Check the player's permissions

1 Beware of the player's item box
Even if you do not give the player an item, he may get it from his item box.

2. Create Creature
Example, a player may use the creature egg shown in this video to create a new creature on your map. To avoid this problem, you must control the player's permissions by turning off the player's permission to use the item.

8 DIY costumes

When you can not restore the player's DIY costume.
In the current version of the game, if you convert the player character to a new skin or creature while restoring the player character's appearance, the appearance will be restored to KAKA or NINI if the player is using a DIY costume. note: This issue does not occur if the player is using a pre-made skin avatar.

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