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How to use the Developer Platform

Mini World: CREATA is a sandbox game made by Minovate. In 2020, the game added the “Developer” feature for Mini World mapmakers, and created a dashboard website for them. This is a guide on this developer platform's website.

Developer Platform

Step 1 - Click on “Creator Service Platform” to access the developer website

And this is the developer website.

Analysis Revenue

Ads revenue

Explanation: That is the sum of money from players watching advertisements on your map. Note: 1000 advertisements ≈ 1 dollar

Contribution points

Explanation: The player buys items in your developer store on your map with Mini Coins Note: 100 Mini Coins ≈ 1 dollar

Mini point

Explanation: The player buys item in your developer store on your map with Mini points Note: 10000 Mini Points ≈ 1 dollar

Mini beans

Explanation: The player buys item in your developer store on your map with Mini Beans (Mini Bean can't change to money)


Now, Mini World has some way to display an item for players, you can watch it here:


Diagram displays your money in the month. You can select to “Date Center” You could click on to type of money you want to see. For example: I want to see Mini Coins data. I clicked on Mini Coins data. This is numeric format: This is chart format

Withdraw money and mini beans

We have this table to explain:

Types Withdraw
Mini Coins payment
Mini Points
Mini Beans withdrawn into game

Note: You will receive 70% of the money from the items players buy. You only withdraw money from 25th to 30th every month

Mini World: Creata develop every day. Any updated versions are brought to your new experience. Recently, Mini World updated some features for developers: 3D, advanced developer mode, etc. I hope with the knowledge I shared, you can create interesting maps 💕

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