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Introduction: If you are a map creator who wants to make a Role-Playing Game (RPG) map, you might want to use the “Enter string to receive items, etc….” function. This function allows you to create an interface where players can enter a specific string to trigger certain events, such as receiving items, unlocking secrets, or activating quests. In this tutorial, I will show you how to use this function in your RPG map.


Step 1: You need to create a new UI and design it according to your preference. You can use the UI editor to add various elements, such as text, images, buttons, etc. Next, you need to create a new input box where players can enter the string. You can set the default text for the input box, such as “Input”, but make sure that players can delete it and type their own string.

Step 2: Create a new input box

Step 3: Please input your contents (Example: “Input”) - But when players input a string, they must delete your string

II. Trigger


Step 1: Add event (When player enters any string)

2. Next, you need to add a condition to determine what the string entered by the player is. You can use the condition editor to enter the string that you want to check. For example, if you want to check if the player entered “Hello”, you can type “Hello” in the condition editor. You can also use variables, operators, and functions to create more complex conditions.

Step 1: Add a condition to determine the string's player

Step 2: Please enter your string to be able to determine when the player input string into Input Box

Step 3: Create a new homemade

Step 4: Add homemade to the action to determine the time when the process of entering the string is 2 times or many times (Example: In my map, players can only enter the string once)

Step 5: You need to add a control to limit the number of times that the player can enter the string and receive the item. You can use the control editor to add an “If… then … otherwise” statement. For example, you can create a homemade variable to store the number of times that the player has entered the string, and compare it with a fixed value. If the variable is equal to zero, then the player can receive the item. If the variable is not equal to zero, then the player will see a floating notification that says “You have already received the item and you can't receive it again”.

  • In the first, player inputs string ⇒ receive an item
  • In the second, player inputs string ⇒ floating notification “You received and you can't receive it”

Step 6: Click to condition and compare the value with 0 or any number

  • If player's value = 0 ⇒ player receive items
  • If player's value ≠ 0 ⇒ floating notification

Step 7: Add items and a notification (Example: “Add item to the player's backpack”)

Step 8: Display notifications in floating windows! (if it is otherwise)

Thanks for reading my post. Good luck!!💖

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