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Cloud Archive

Cloud Archive is a Mini World feature. You can create a cloud archive map and play with more friends. It will help you create a Private Mini Cloud.

How to create Cloud Archive map

Now, you can edit your cloud archive informations.

1, 2. Cloud archive's name/ description

You can set your cloud archive any name and description. However, that name/description needs to comply with the rules of Mini World: CREATA (Does not violate good customs and traditions, is not a vulgar or uncultured name,etc.)

3. Player

You can only choose 4 player modes (6 players, 10 players, 20 players, 40 players)

4,5. Permissions/Settings

You can choose according to your map

6. Password

You can enter any password but must not exceed 4 characters

Then, you can choose “Start”

How to get friends to join Cloud Archive

Step 1 - You need to click on the friend icon

Step 2 - You need to find the host of that cloud archive and click on “Cloud icon” and “Join”

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