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Custom Image Function

When using this function, you should avoid using materials or stickers from other well-known anime, animations, and games. In order to avoid the risk of related infringement, the relevant content review will not be passed.

Where can we use the custom image?

Custom pictures can be customized in the custom UI and display board in the developer map.

What are the requirements to upload an image?

As you can see, if you didn't meet the requirements, error box will be prompted to you and reject your action. So be aware of the restrictions of uploading image(s).

  1. Custom pictures should be limited to a resolution of 1920×1080 (2K) and in either PNG or JPG format.
  2. Ensure that the cut-out size of the image matches the display content to avoid issues with image size and player performance.
  3. Uploading images that are too large can cause problems such as lags and crashes, impacting the player experience.
  4. It is recommended to upload pictures in PNG format to maintain the original size and avoid size discrepancies after import.
  5. For dynamic images in GIF format, the total number of bytes (width x height x number of frames) should not exceed 1024x1024x8.
  6. Both static and dynamic images should be limited to a maximum size of 3MB.
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