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Map Basic Settings

The map basic setting is the function for the developer to set the basic logic of the map. This setting is very important for the developer, and it is also the content that the developer must set before using the trigger to make the game logic.

Entrance: In the developer mode map, click the “Developer Tools” button in the upper right corner and select “Basic settings”

Before starting various settings, you can also use the recommended settings below to view several preset options, including three presets for parkour, battle and escape pollution. If you choose to use the recommended settings, you should also check the corresponding settings after the selection, and choose according to the actual situation of your map.

World Settings

You can set the world options of the current save in the time setting, including time, weather, monster generation, gravity and physical vehicles.

1. Time Setting

  • Current time (0~23): Set the time of the current map according to the theme of your own map. The value indicates the real time. For example, 6 is 6:00 in the morning, 12 is 12:00 noon, and 18 is 18:00 in the evening.
  • Lock Time (On/Off): Set whether the time will change according to the player's game time.

2. Weather Setting
Weather (clear and rainy / sunny / rainy / thunderstorm): select the weather conditions of the current map.

3. Monster Generation
Whether to generate monsters (on/off): Select whether the current map will automatically generate monsters.

4. Gravity Setting

  • Gravity multiplier (0.1-10): Adjust the gravity of the map as needed, such as parkour maps. The gravity multiplier defaults to 1, the smaller the gravity, the smaller the fall damage, the larger the gravity, the heavier the fall damage.
  • Fall damage (on/off): Separately set whether to enable fall damage.

5. Physical Vehicle
Destroyable Mechanical Vehicle (On/Off): The destructible mechanical vehicle is enabled by default. If you use the mechanical vehicle in the game to make a racing game map, you need to turn off this option.

Map Rules

You can set the basic logic rules of the current map in the map rules, including opening settings, game goals and team settings.

1. Start Setting

  • Opening introduction (on/off): You can add the opening introduction of the game in the form of pictures and text, and introduce how to play the map for players who enter the game, and you can set up to four pages.
  • Open the game option (opened by the owner/automatically opened when the number of people is reached/automatically opened without restrictions): Set the conditions for opening the game, and set it according to the actual situation of the game.
  • Join the game midway (on/off): Set whether you can join the game while the game is in progress. Set it according to the actual situation of the game. For example, joining the battle map may cause the game to lose balance.
  • Countdown (1~100): The countdown time can be set according to the actual situation.
  • Background music (accelerated world, strange spirits, Chinese style, battle, lonely god, decryption atmosphere, bomb, football field, no music): Choose the corresponding music according to your own map theme.
  • Number of player required to start the game (1~40): Set the number of player needed to start the game, which can be automatically turned on with the number of players reached in the game start option above.

2. Game Target

  • Whether to limit time (on/off): Choose whether to limit the game time. After the time is over, the winner will be determined according to the judgment below
    • Game time (1~60): You can set it only when you choose the time limit. How many minutes is the specific time for choosing to limit the game time?
    • Victory judgment at the end of time (high score wins, all wins at the end of time, and all defeats at the end of time): choose a battle map with a high score, and you can choose a time to end all victories for defense maps. Decryption maps need to reach the key point before the time, just You can choose the time to end all failures.
  • Victory player score (0~99): The score obtained by defeating the player, generally used in the battle map.
  • Score for defeating monsters (0~99): Scores obtained by defeating monsters, generally used in PVE maps.
  • Obtaining star score (0~99): The score obtained by obtaining stars is generally used in maps such as decryption or parkour, and is set according to the actual situation.
  • Dyeing score (0~99): The score obtained by dyeing with dyeing props, generally used in the occupation game.
  • Achieve Score Victory (On/Off): Whether to determine the team's victory condition based on the score.
  • Score requirement (1~999): score requirement to determine victory.
  • Enable Pollution Area (On/Off): Set whether to enable Pollution Area, players will receive damage in it, commonly used in escape pollution maps.
    • Radius of the first safe zone (1~100 blocks)
    • The first safe time (1~600 seconds)
    • Whether to reset the map (yes/no): It is recommended to enable reset for maps with terrain destruction or circuit traps
  • Save player data (on/off): Players who play this map will share a copy of character data when entering different rooms, which can be turned on according to the specific situation.

3. Team Setting

  • Open team (no team /red /blue /green /yellow /orange /purple) Team allocation method (sequential allocation/random allocation/no allocation/player selection at the start)
  • Different teams can be set separately:
    • Basic settings: team name, maximum number of players
    • Permission settings: define related permissions, such as placing blocks, destroying blocks, etc.
    • Initial attributes: define related attributes, such as life value, attack power, etc.
    • First-time items: Define the first-time items of the players in the team, including items in the shortcut bar and backpack
    • Initial Appearance: Define the initial appearance of the players in this team

Player Settings

You can set the player's behavior and permissions in the player settings, including player behavior, respawn settings and lives.

1. Player Behavior

  • Block operation (can be set on/off separately): Allow placement, allow use, allow destruction
  • Player actions (can be turned on/off separately): Can double jump, can move, can use props, can attack, can be damaged, can be defeated, can pick up props, can discard props.
  • Mount Operations: Allow Summoning (On/Off).
  • Character Perks: Allow character perks to take effect (on/off).
  • Attack mode (attack between teams/player attacking/free attack).

2. Respawn Settings

  • Re-challenge time (0~320): Rebirth time setting, 0 means no need to wait
  • Respawn method (automatic/manual): manual respawn requires a click of a button to respawn
  • Protection (1~99): Invincible time after respawn.
  • Rally point rules (randomly to the squad rendezvous point/to the nearest squad rendezvous point).
  • Defeat penalty (normal drop/empty backpack/reserved items/drop box): normal drop can be selected for survival and other gameplay maps, challenge or difficult gameplay can choose to empty the backpack, PVP, etc. can choose to keep items, and the escape pollution game is just Chests can be dropped.

3. Number Of Lives

  • Whether to limit the number of lives (on/off)
  • Current number of lives (1~99)
  • Team Shared Lives (On/Off)
  • Enable defeat spectator (on/off)
  • Spectator type (free spectator/follow the screen/switchable)

Display Settings

You can set the player's display in the display, including prompt settings and perspective settings.

1. Prompt Settings

  • Map display (visible by different teams/invisible by different teams): pay attention to turning off battle maps.
  • Name Display (Visible to everyone / Visible only to your team / Visible only to the enemy team / Invisible to all)
  • Display damage value (do not display damage/only display own damage/display own team damage/display all damage)
  • Health bar (on/off)
  • Crosshair (on/off)
  • Score and time (on/off)
  • Combat Tips (On/Off)

2. Angle Setting

  • Angle options (main angle/back angle/front angle/back angle 2/lock down angle/lock custom angle)
  • Camera lock (on/off)

Player Atributes

You can set the basic settings of the player in the player properties, including first-time attributes, first-time items, first-time appearance and experience mode.

1. First-Time Attributes

  • HP (1~2000)
  • Hunger value (switchable physical value, 1~2000)
  • Physical attack (0~100)
  • Elemental attack (0~100)
  • Physical Defense (0~100)
  • Element Defense (0~100)
  • Base speed (0~500)

2. First-Time Items

  • First-time props in the shortcut bar (8)
  • Backpack first-knowledge props (30)
  • First gear (helmet, breastplate, leggings, boots, back)

3. Appearance For The First Time
Character Custom Model

4. Experience Mode

Start experience mode

  • Level Cap (1~50)
  • Experience point growth (you can set the number of experience points required for each level upgrade separately)

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